Top-10 Beatlemania


* Little-known Notable Phenomena Associated with Beatlemania

There have been numerous reports of theaters (or theatres) where, in the aftermath of a performance by The Beatles, that the smell of girl's urine notably permeated the atmosphere - that is to say, that the entire facility virtually wreaked of urine. One account goes on to state that in the theater (theatre) where the Beatles had filmed a concert for one of their films, that there was an overpowering smell of urine detected immediately after the performance.

Does that mean that after any live performance given by The Beatles that the predictable outcome would include urine-saturated venues - including a yellow-liquid reservoir absorbed into the seats or pooled on the floor or in the aisles - in need of theatrical triage?

The Who's Pete Townshend, in his song "5:15," seems to confirm exactly that - referring to "ushers sniffing" theater seats for evidence of this phenomenon following a Beatles performance at Blackpool Opera house ...
"The whole of the theatre smelled of urine. I mean it was just beyond belief... every single girl in the audience must have p*ssed themselves in excitement. And [the Ushers] were sprinkling Eau-De-Cologne on all the seats."
(from the BBC Documentary "Can You See The Real Me")

Bob Geldof revealed that he was stunned by the large number of young girls "p*ssing themselves" at the Beatles concert that he attended in the 1960s ...
"I remember looking down at the cinema floor and seeing these rivulets of p*ss in the aisles. The girls were literally p*ssing themselves with excitement. So what I associate most with The Beatles is the smell of girls' urine."
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