1. Argument between Paul & George - Stevie Riks

    From the 'Let It Be' sessions and movie - portrays the now-famous incident which led to George walking off the film set. Ingenious, insightful yet humorous treatment of an otherwise sensitive topic - effectively highlighting some of the underlying dynamic that led to the band's eventual dissolution.

  2. John Lennon calls George Harrison - Stevie Riks

    Its 1980 and, by then, George's previous ill-treatment of Yoko should have been 'water under the bridge' - but now George has neglected to mention John in his recently published book "I, Me, Mine." Uh-oh!

  3. Paul McCartney Flashback - Star Stories

    (TAGS: Ringo caught burglarizing Paul's house, Heather claims she loves Paul almost as much as she loves her 'charity work', "Ob-la-di Ob-la-f***in'-da!" - John complains Paul's new songs for Sgt. Pepper are "absolute shite", Paul goes on a megalomaniacal tirade including corporal punishment, "Who's your f***in' daddy?", "This is my band!", "jaunty, whimsical, Eduardian ditties", Yoko on "Easy Stleet", "Now, get on the f***in' roof!")

    (WARNING: Adult Humor)

  4. The Story of Paul & Heather - Star Stories

    Paul McCartney & Heather Mills I | Paul McCartney & Heather Mills II

    (TAGS: Heather, Stella, Sir Paul, charity function, Piers Morgan, Daily Mirror, Macca, megalomania, male chauvinism, landmines charity, gold digger, possessive daughter, jilted groom, Travelodge, economy motel, $150,000, one hundred fifty grand, Paul still insists that his betrothed Heather call him by his title)

    (WARNING: Adult Humor)

  5. What If The Beatles Were Irish? - Roy Zimmerman

    Very good, very funny - brilliant actually! What's the matter - never heard an Irish folk band perform?

  6. Beatles 50 Years On - Harry and Paul

    What if the Beatles had never split up? A spoof of 'A Hard Day's Night' in which the now white-haired moptops attract a mob of adoring, if slightly long-in-the-tooth, female fans, from whom the 4 "lads", apparently, need to be rescued(by their old buddy Cassius Clay). Jolly-good!

  7. Hitler Hates The Beatles - YTPweegee

    Beatlemania is rapidly advancing and threatens to take over Berlin. Even though Hitler hates the Beatles music he decides to invite them to play at his birthday party! 'Very interesting' that he seems to know all of the Beatles songs and even strenuously objects to the fact that he can't get their music out of his head. LOL!

  8. McCartney Christmas Tip - Peter Serafinowicz

    Noisy neighbors beware - it seems as though Sir Paul may like to go to bed early and doesn't like to be disturbed! Sung to the tune 'Everybody's Gonna Dance Tonight.'

    (CAUTION: Some profanity and explicit language)

  9. The Story of John & Yoko - The Rutles

    Hard to believe that anyone would have coughed-up funding to produce the incredibly lame Monty Python 'Rutles' episodes unless there was some other agenda attached (but George also hated Yoko - and this one featuring 'Ron Nasty' and 'Chastity' is funny).

  10. Mills McCartney Divorce Wars - MerchandiseProds

    You remember Heather's allegations in this celebrated divorce case - accusing McCartney of being an abusive drunk and wife-beater who choked her, doused her with wine and even stabbed her with a broken wine glass (Go Sir Paul!).
    Here the alleged events are re-enacted for your viewing edification.

    (HINT: Forward Video timeline to Start at 1:41 instead of 0:00; Play until 3:35; Stop; Forward timeline again to 4:20; Play until 8:22; Stop!)

    (CAUTION: Some profanity and explicit language)

  11. Paul is Dead at the End of the World - AdmiralAlbert

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

    If there is a Beatle's 'Matrix', then this will take you down the rabbit hole - chapter & verse - as far as you could ever want to go. Currently 16 episodes.

    (CAUTION: Some profanity and explicit language)