1. In his "definitive" work ostensibly exposing yet another boogeyman front organization - The Committee of 300 - former member of British intelligence John Coleman has single-handedly assumed the responsibility of dutifully informing the public of the real story - not the fake story - of the "creation of the Beatles" ..... you know - the way MI6, the CIA, and NSA typically keep us up-to-date and informed about all their most current psy-ops activities!
  2. So - Tavistock cleverly put their dystopian master-plan for a "new age" into effect by recruiting a locally popular but otherwise virtually unknown and relatively inexperienced band from Liverpool to perform the steady stream of cutting-edge/subliminally-subverted pop songs generated by a pudgy, middle-aged German professor who conveniently lived in Franfurt, furthermore enlisting a local record shop owner - who just so happened to have been blackballed by the British military - as their managing agent, and, to top it off, employed the services of a music producer who did have previous experience but, er, uh - mainly with comedy albums! Clever indeed!
  3. Since the word "teenagers" was never, supposedly, used until the Beatles became famous in the USA, it is only logical to conclude that they (the Beatles) were invented by Tavistock!
  4. The always cheerful, light-hearted, optimistic Adorno trademark style indelibly etched into each and every piece of Beatles vinyl ("Jawohl," "Jawohl," "Jawohl")!
  5. With a seemingly endless string of hit 12-tone, serial compositions such as I Want to Hold Your Hand, All My Loving and She Loves You - the Beatles popularized atonal music!
  6. It has recently been discovered that the backwards masking on The Beatles' Revolution 9 may actually be in German - no less, and possibly excerpted from Theo Adorno's 1966 lecture Negative Dialectics at the Frankfurt Institut für Sozialforschung ("Nein," "Nein," "Nein")!
  7. If you cannot sumarily disprove that Theodor Adorno ever worked with or wrote songs for The Beatles - then you can't very well prove that he didn't either, now can you?
  8. Stockhausen on the cover of Sgt Pepper!
  9. We're not sure if it was the exact same day - but the year Adorno died, 1969, is the very year the Beatles disbanded.
  10. Teddy Boy!